Meet Kelley

There are many brave people in the world but every once in a while you come across someone whose story is so inspiring that you are amazed by their ability to overcome adversity.

Meet Kelley, a courageous young lady who suffers from concussion. After being diagnosed, she made the decision to help educate others about the dangers of concussion and help other people realize they are not alone in their struggle. She has already spoken at schools on the topic of brain injuries, her story was featured in the summer newsletter of the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts and, now, she has agreed to be a recurring contributor to our blog by posting journal entries about her ongoing saga.

This is Kelley’s Story:

“Ten months ago I sustained my second concussion while playing volleyball on my high school varsity team. Since then I have endured ten months of often excruciating headaches and neck pain. Ten months of home tutoring to help me keep up with my schoolwork because the lights and noises of the school environment are unbearable. Ten months of solitude to wrestle with the fact I may never be able to play the sport I love again. In all of those ten months confined to my home, I am yet to hear any encouraging words from my peers. It made the isolation worse and even harder to deal with. I wondered if other people had a similar story? Was there anyone else out there who is going through, or has gone through, this struggle with this kind of a traumatic brain injury? If I had someone else that was going through the same thing, I think it would be easier to deal with all of the changes in my life that I had no control over. I hope by contributing to this blog, I can encourage others. I hope people who are suffering through this injury know they are not alone, and that there are people who truly understand what they are going through. I also desire that people would read my stories and have a new compassion and understanding for those that they encounter who have been impacted by this silent brain injury.”


2 thoughts on “Meet Kelley

  1. Dan Curran, Jr. says:

    Nice report Kelly. Good information for other to consider. Good to know you have the support of your family. Your mom was one of the nicest students I ever had the chance to work with. One of the Best! I know she will always be there to support you! Keep up the good work!

  2. Kim Lucca~Williamson says:

    What a wonderfully written blog by Kelley! My son sustained a level 2 concussion when he was stopped in his car & hit from behind. He does his best to work with the injury but he did have to transfer to a local college because he needs to be close to his doctors. U most definitely aren’t alone in your struggle however I have witnessed 1st hand how people treated my son & the comments that were made to him about him “faking” a concussion. Hang in there Kelley. U r doing a wonderful thing by sharing ur story. Sending lots of prayers ur way!

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