Medical Myths BUSTED!

We spend so much time talking to people about how they can protect their brain but feel equally obligated to educate everyone on the gray matter between our ears.

It’s no surprise that many of us are keenly curious about how the brain works. Unfortunately, some aspects of brain function are still poorly understood, and a few misperceptions about the brain have long been perpetuated as myth.

We’d like to help put some of those myths to bed.


MYTH 1: The average person uses only 10% of their brain. 

FALSE: High-tech brain scans including PET and fMRI show that much of the brain is engaged even during simple tasks.

MYTH 2: We have five senses.

FALSE: Sure, sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch are the big ones. But we have many other ways of sensing the world and our place in it. Proprioception is a sense of how our bodies are positioned. Nociception is a sense of pain. We also have a sense of balance, body temperature and even acceleration and the passage of time.

MYTH 3: The two sides of the brain operate independently.

FALSE: While the cerebral cortex (the main portion of the brain) does have two sides, or “hemispheres,” that control different functions, research has shown us that both sides of the brain are constantly active in most situations, especially when you’re learning.

Stay tuned!  We’ll have many more myths to shatter in future posts.